Introducing JJ’s Mooring & Marine Services a division of Jet Junkies, your one stop shop for Swing Mooring annual inspections, repairs & installations. 

We are still the ultimate Jet Ski, Flyboarding, Kayak & Paddleboard experience!

About the experience

Jet Junkies provides on the water adrenaline fuelled entertainment for everyone. Our Jet Ski guided tours are sure to give everyone a thrill old or young. Please note some age restrictions and weight and height restrictions also apply please ask for details.

The Jetpack is controlled by our dedicated 260HP Supercharged RXT-X Sea Doo Jet Ski associated through a hose to the pack, the water is siphoned from the ocean beneath you up to the spouts on the jetpack which gives the drive it needs to make you fly. More experienced flyers can get to 10m high and speeds up-to 80kmh.

Our Jet Ski guided tours are provided on high quality Yamaha jet skis all of which are regularly serviced and maintained. We continuously upgrade our fleet to keep up with the latest models for your riding pleasure and experience.

Upon the arrival of your jetpack or Jet Ski experience we will prepare you at the sea shore. We will fit you with a flotation vest/life Jacket. We can also provide wet suits if required depending on weather and water temperature. please note we carry a few different sizes of wet suits but are limited on larger sizes.

When you are fitted we then take you through our safety briefing and disclosure in preparation for your experience. We then take you through the  fundamentals on how everything functions and how to control the Jetpack or Jet Ski at last your ready for the Fun and to explore your inner Jet Junkie.


After you ace the nuts and bolts on the Jetpack we will get you to accomplish increasingly advance moves relying upon your degree of certainty and aptitude. On the Jetpack you can perform stunts like waking on water, sharp turns, doughnuts, and high drifting and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Jet Ski guided tours will always allow new riders time to gain the relevant skills to operate safely and enjoy their experience to the max.