Refund Policy

Conditions of Payment

Full rental payment required to secure booking.  Must be paid by bank deposit, debit/credit card 24 hours before the date of hire.


In the event of a cancellation, Jet Junkies Limited will issue a Jetski Hire gift voucher of equivalent value, which entitles the Hirer to priority reschedule, valid for 12 months (Gift vouchers not redeemable for cash). If this is not acceptable to the Hirer, a cancellation charge of 50% of rental payment, excluding insurance bond(s) will apply.


  • (a) Minimum age of 18 years to operate watercraft(s).
  • (b) Maximum passenger loading including skipper is 3 persons (240kgs max).
  • (c) Maximum speed of 5 knots within 200m of shoreline.
  • (d) Maximum speed of 5 knots within 50 metres of other vessels or persons.
  • (e) Maximum speed of 5 knots within 200 metres of blue & white dive flag.
  • (f) Wristband key / kill switch must be worn by skipper at all times whilst watercraft(s) is operating.
  • (g) Driver and passengers must all be wearing approved life vests while using the watercraft(s).
  • (h) Must have an observer (minimum 10 years of age) on the watercraft(s) if towing skier or ski tube.
  • (i) The watercraft(s) must not be used in water shallower than 1 metre or damage to the hull, engine, impellers or associated workings for the jet unit will be the sole responsibility of the hirer.
  • (j) Watercraft(s) must not operate within the hours of darkness.
  • (k) The watercraft(s) will not be used by intoxicated persons or persons taking judgment impairing substances during the hire period.
  • (l) The Hirer will exercise proper care and diligence for the security of the watercraft(s) and will do nothing to jeopardize any insurance claims that may arise while the watercraft(s) and equipment is in the Hirer’s care.
  • (m) The watercraft(s) must be driven by or under direct instruction by the Hirer who signed for it.
  • (n) The Hirer does not have any medical conditions that would affect his/hers ability to safely
  • operate the watercraft(s).